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A know-how adapted to the needs of the trainee

  • Our OLEUM trainers: They have solid technical expertise and pedagogy coupled with many years of practice in the fields of refining, chemicals, maintenance or safety and inspection. All FFP certified by Cegos, they create and deliver the pedagogical contents, theoretical and practical as well as the digital tools to further enrich and supplement the training.  This forms part of the continuous improvement process.
  • Technical support: Each center is supported by operational experts who maintain, operate and develop the entire portfolio of the training units which forms the backbone of the hands-on training for the learners.
  • Quality drive: the OLEUM centers maintain a quality drive aiming to fully meet and satisfy leaner requirements which is a continuous improvement process.
  • Logistics:  The learners benefit from an adapted internal framework ensuring the best possible conditions for learning: Reception, break area, canteen, PPE…  The possibility for transport, hotels and dining out can also be offered.

Customer testimonials

"I was very pleased to meet you and on behalf of IFP School, I would like to thank you warmly for your welcome and the quality of the training. It is important for future process engineers to understand the realities of the field by experimenting on their own, and your facilities lend themselves completely to this. The students had a superb experience and their comments spoke for themselves yesterday."

Laetitia SALESSY – Director of the Processes for Energy and Chemistry Center, IFP School.

 "Oleum is very much appreciated by the trainees because 60% to 90% of the content of the training courses is carried out on a real scale with practical applications on installations that are part of our teams' daily work.”

Jean-Luc FAVIER – Training Manager PONTICELLI Frères Group.