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OLEUM provides training for industrial operators including FOIP (training for petroleum industry operators), tailormade inter-company training programs combined both theory and hands on application on site, to develop their knowledge on various industrial units (tanks, pipes, exchangers, column internals, furnaces, etc.)

The unit is an ideal environment for introducing young people to oil, gas and petrochemical industries and teaching them the skills they will need to start their careers. 

A program of theoretical courses and practical exercises conducted in a full-scale, operational unit has been developed to train future operators. Courses include: 

  • The refining process and how it is organized. 
  • Presentation of equipment, including static equipment, rotating machinery and thermal equipment. 
  • Metallurgy. 
  • Process unit, including distillation unit, reforming unit, HDT unit, amine units, SRU and water treatment. 
  • Power generation, substation and electrical equipment. 
  • Instrumentation & Process Control – Safety system, including exercises to study the control loop and instrument repair and troubleshooting. 

The theoretical courses present and describe the technology involved, the role of the facility’s equipment and the process system’s purpose. They also include a review of the P&ID for oil processing on site, the unit startup and shutdown procedure and the practical exercises include such topics as operating procedure analysis, routine checks, first-level maintenance, diagnostic facilities and troubleshooting. 

Trainers can conduct complete exercises in a full-scale operational unit for pre-commissioning & commissioning, start-up, stopping & emergency shut-down, degassing, flushing, inerting, safe maintenance and isolation, preparation for T&I and more. A complete exercise may consist of learning and understanding the procedure to follow for incidents.

The center can arrange for trainees to interface with a maintenance group, to develop skills in task risk assessment. OLEUM can also customize training for experienced shift personnel: 

  • For panel operators: alarms and trip scenarios. 
  • For shift supervisors, to update and enhance their knowledge and expertise.