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Digital training is without doubt in major tool to develop competencies as it favorizes long term memory.

Thanks to digital:

  • The global training offer is evolving
  • Concentration and reactivity are increased
  • The training adapts itself to new areas (tools, frequency) and it is largely accessible to all across the world.

e-OLEUM's digital offer meets your needs and adapts itself to constraints

The training digitalization forms an integral part of OLEUM’s know how. Wanting to offer you a flexibility in your learning pass, we put in place digital solutions adapted to your needs and constraints.

simulator room equipped with individual computer equipment

e- OLEUM digital offer is:

  • e-learnings linked to you required competencies,
  • Video learnings in motion design, tutorial format or expert interviews to share key messages and/or technical know-how,  
  • Immersive learnings in VR or our process simulators enabling panelist who are being trained to work on real case scenarios: panels, alarms and interaction with the site (FOD),
  • Virtual reality with simulated scenarios,  
  • Small Private Online Courses (SPOC) with complex training paths. 

In line with our quality approach all our digital supports are accessible on PC, TABLETS and SMARTPHONES, a LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to facilitate deployment, traceability, and satisfaction assessment.

view of trainees who have lessons remotely, in a classroom at their workplace or at the desired location