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The OLEUM centers: a dedicated environment

We offer you the opportunity to be trained in all the industries technical professions in a dedicated environment.

Once on site you will benefit from learning combining technical expertise, pedagogy, and scenarios on actual size units.

With the OLEUM experience it will be the opportunity to gain in competencies in the best possible conditions, with assets including:

  • A reception 
  • Canteen and kitchen area
  • Break area
  • PPE logistics (Personal Protection Equipment): the PPE are supplied throughout your training
  • Training rooms and dedicated digital rooms
  • Disability Approach : if you want to find out more about training courses' accessibility, please contact [email protected]. You can be helped on the digital accessibility of tools or by Mission Handicap. 
  • Quality Approach : TotalEnergies Learning Solutions (TLS) is Qualiopi certified for activities, training actions, apprenticeship training center. 



Break area

PPE logistic

How to get to the OLEUM Center in Dunkirk?

How to get to the OLEUM Center in La Mède?