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With regards to fire safety, a specific fire training ground has been put in place for fire training. 

The activities included are: 

  • BLEVE froth-over. 
  • flashover simulation.
  • SCBA certification (breathing apparatus).
  • Hydrocarbon and gas fires.
  • LNG fires.
  • Specific Units exercises.

The fire training ground also enables other safety training such as: 

  • Confined spaces (reactor and column…),
  • Confined space evacuation exercises, 
  • Putting in place mobile safety equipment such as water screen or hoses.

Intervention and rescue

  • In connection with the regulations or integrated in the on-the-job training, many of the training courses combine both theory and practical elements:
  • Fire fighting,  
  • Fire fighting trainer,
  • Breathing apparatus,
  • Breathing apparatus trainer,
  • First Aid,
  • PSE1/2,
  • ... 

Other training content 

Adapted to specific requests, a wide range of training courses can be developed covering the entire safety scope in the industrial environment:

  • Safety Harness Awareness,
  • Working at Height Supervision,
  • Technological risks,
  • Risk analysis,
  • Isolation of powered systems,
  • S3C,
  • Work compliance visit,
  • Scaffolding, Excavations, ...